Gender equality

The University of Göttingen regards equal opportunities for women and men in science and the reconciliation of a scientific career and family life as important factors for the successful promotion of young talent. Consequently, the Research Training Group, in conjunction with the Bureau for Gender Equality at Göttingen University, encourages research support for young female scientists and appeals to talented women to apply for a position at the Research Training Group and to join our pleasant working environment. Goal-oriented affirmative action according to the University’s gender equality concept contributes to better compatibility between scientific careers and family life. The University of Göttingen was awarded the TOTAL-E-QUALITY predicate in 2007 and the German Research Foundation (DFG) rated the University exemplary regarding its stance on the implementation of the DFG’s research-oriented standards for gender equality.

The imbalance of female/male doctorates and habilitations (qualification as a university lecturer) is partly due to the difficulty of reconciling family and profession. Consequently, the Research Training Group has taken measures to reduce the double workload for parents. To care for children’s basic needs, the University of Göttingen co-operates with a care facility and provides support and individual advice through its FamilyService.