The Faculty of Chemistry owns a campus licence for the software MNova NMR (Mestrelab Research). This enables free 24 h / 7d access to the program for all students and faculty members - whether you run it in the lab or on your laptop at home!

- reads Bruker/Varian datasets without difference in appearance for the user
- automatic processing with the original parameters
- quick and intuitive scaling, expanding and cutting
- printing of the screen 1:1 without external plot editor

Free Download and Installation
- go to the website
- go to "Download previoius versions", version 14.3.3 and select your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)
- download the setup file to disk and install the program

License Activation
- download license file MNova.lic and copy it into the directory (C:/Program Files/)Mestrelab Research S.L/MestReNova/licenses
- further license files MNova_qNMR.lic and MNova_RM.lic are for quantitative NMR und Reaction Monitoring modules, respectively
- outside the faculty connect to GöNet via GöMobile, eduroam or VPN (IP 134.76... or 10.76...)
- if you now start MNova, your computer will automatically connect to the license server and activate the license
- the license is now valid (also offline) for 90 days, afterwards your computer automatically reconnects to the licence server to renew the license

Complete Manual and Example Data
- a complete manual can be downloaded from
- (C:/Program Files/)Mestrelab Research S.L/MestReNova/examples/datasets contains 1H, 13C and HSQC spectra of Quinine in CDCl3

- Questions?
- Have fun!