Application process

When completing my application, I have omitted something, or I would like to change/edit something.
What must I do?

You can edit your application in the application portal until the application deadline (30th September).
To edit an online application already submitted, you must log in again on the online application portal. On the first page of the online application portal under the button "Deutschlandstipendium" (Germany Scholarship) you will now find the text:
"You have already submitted this application. You can edit or cancel it and reprint the cover sheet until the application deadline on 30.09.2018."

In addition to the Deutschlandstipendium button, there are now three more buttons:
1. Button with a pen ? edit the application, i.e. alter it
2. Button with a red x ? cancel the application
3. Button with a sheet of paper ? create new cover sheet

After the online application has been edited, i.e. altered, a new cover sheet have to be created after re-submitting the data.
The new signed cover sheet and the required written evidence to accompany the altered application must be submitted to the respective faculty again and be received there by the application deadline.

Applications that do not comply with the conditions laid down in the relevant call will be excluded from the selection procedure (Directive, Article 6 procedural principles).
Please be sure to submit your application in the correct form, on time and complete, i.e. the online application and the signed cover sheet with all required written evidence.

Until when an application already submitted can be edited?
Editing of the online application is possible up to the application deadline (30th September). But please note that a new signed cover sheet and the required written evidence to accompany the edited application must also be received again by the respective faculty until the application deadline (30th September).

Will entries in the online application for a Germany Scholarship be automatically transferred to Niedersachsenstipendium (Lower Saxony Scholarship) applications?
The Online applications for a Germany Scholarship and for a Lower Saxony Scholarship must each be completed separately.
Accordingly, a signed cover sheet and the required written evidence to accompany the application must also be submitted to the faculty separately for each of the two applications.
If in an application for both scholarships only one application form is completed, only one application will be considered by the faculties.
A transfer of application entries from one scholarship to the other does not take place.