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Register/cancel registration for exams
Certificates and resitting examinations
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Examination regulations and study regulations


If you have particular questions about your studies, please contact the relevant examination office. You can find a list of examination offices under the heading Contact at the top right of this page.

Online examinations

Instructions and further information on online examinations can be found here.

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Hold your student ID card and another (official) ID card with name and picture in front of the camera.

It is important to register for the exam in FlexNow and that you are authorized to take the exam. The student ID only serves as proof of identity. You can also take the exam with an expired student ID.

Bitte nutzen Sie einen aktuellen Standardbrowser, Google Chrome für Android- bzw. Safari für ios-Geräte. Stellen Sie sicher, dass auf den Link im QR-Code nicht mit alternativen Browsern (z.B. SamsungInternet, Mi-Browser) oder direkt mit dem QR-Code-Scanner zugegriffen wird. Dies können Sie verhindern, in dem Sie dem auf der Identifikationsseite angegebenen Link direkt in Google Chrome (Android) oder Safari (ios) eingeben.

Ja. Auch wenn Sie auf Ihrem PC das Online-Identifikationsverfahren gestartet und dort den QR-Code gescannt haben, müssen Sie sich auf dem Smartpohne neu einloggen und die Eingangsfragen neu bestätigen. Nehmen Sie mit dem Smartphone Ihr Foto auf und bestätigt es. Anschließend laden Sie im PC die Seite neu und wählen Sie "Identifizierung überspringen".

Please send an e-mail with the file to the examination office within the deadline .

Register/cancel registration for exams

In principle you should always check whether your examination regulations set specific rules for registration/cancellation. However, for most subjects the following deadlines apply:

  • Examinations:
    Registration up to 7 days before exam, cancellation until 24 hours before
  • Oral examinations:
    Registration and cancellation up to 7 days before exam date (exam date defined by examiner)
  • Practical examinations:
    Registration for the coming semester is possible until two weeks after the end of the course in the preceding seminar, cancellation until two weeks before course start
  • Presentation, paper, records:
    Registration and cancellation up to 0 days before exam date (exam date defined by examiner)
  • Hybrid of exams, oral exams, presentation, paper, records:
    Registration and cancellation up to 7 days before exam date (exam date defined by examiner)

The window for registration is open for at least 4 weeks. No assessments will be given if you do not register for the examinations!

You can see the registration and cancellation deadlines incl. exam dates in the statistics portal under the heading Exam dates. The following query options are available: Statistiken An- und Abmeldefristen

  • Display all examinations for a subject and semester.
  • Display all examinations for a lecturer in a semester.
  • Display all examinations for a faculty, on a given date.

An e-mail will automatically be sent to your university webmail account confirming your registration accessible via eCampus). You can see which exams you have registered for under News in Flexnow. If you see the relevant examination with a question mark in front of it, then your registration was successful.

A common reason for an exam registration not going through is that students want to register for examinations that they are not (yet) entitled to sit, under examination regulations. This is often because requirements have to be met first in other modules, so please check the examination regulations first to see if you are entitled to sit the examination yet! Other reasons: you did not pass the first exam resit in an orientation or compulsory module. In this case please consult a study advisor before making your next attempt at the exam.

Certificates and resitting examinations

If you do not sit an examination because of illness you must submit a doctor’s note immediately, stating the expected duration of your inability to sit the exam. The certificate should reach the examination office no later than three days after the examination. Your examination regulations will state whether the certificate must come from a public medical officer or other doctor.

If the deadline for cancellation has already passed when you fall ill (see “Register/cancel registration for exams”) please submit the certificate to the examination office of the faculty where you study. If you are studying two subjects in different faculties, please submit the certificate to the faculty where the examination would have taken place. If two examinations are due to take place in different departments/faculties whilst you are ill, please give the original to one examination office and a copy to the other (stating where you have submitted the original). Students of the faculties Philosophy, Biology and Psychology, Law and Agricultural Sciences will find a form on eCampus under More -> Forms -> Examination Office's Forms.

If the certificate is not submitted in person, it should be sent on a DIN A4 sheet, stating your personal details (name and matriculation number), the precise name and date of the missed exam and the name of the examiner.

Change of adress

If your address has changed, you can update this using eCampus. Please log in with your user ID and password. Under Self-Service / UniVZ -> My functions you can find Change contact details.

Examination regulations and study regulations

The regulations can be downloaded from the homepages of the faculties or on the central degree course list as a PDF file.

Written exams

The faculties have different rules about this. Please refer to the FAQs for your faculty (Exam administration portal/Help/FAQ's).

Using eCampus you can access UniVZ (What’s that?) and find the telephone numbers, addresses and e-mails for university staff. You can ask about their office hours in the institute or on the homepage of the examiner.

The faculties set different formal requirements for Bachelor or Master theses. You can obtain a leaflet from the examination office or on the homepage of the faculty.


For information about registering for courses and the award of places please take a look at the website of Zentralen Einrichtung für Sprachen und Schlüsselqualifikationen (ZESS).