21.01.16 Vortrag von Kristin Aune: Feminist spirituality as lived religion

Vortrag am Donnerstag, den 21.01.2016
18:00 - 20:00 Uhr
Oec. 0.167

How do feminists in the United Kingdom view and practice spirituality and religion? This lecture will present findings from an interview-based study of thirty feminists in England, Scotland, and Wales. It will argue that instead of equating feminism with secularism, secularization, or alternative spiritualities, scholars must recognise that feminists forge religio-spiritual lives in complex ways. The lecture will identify three characteristics of feminists' approaches to religion and spirituality: they are de-churched, are relational, and emphasize practice. Drawing on the growing field of scholarship on "lived religion", the lecture will argue that conceptualizing feminist spirituality as lived religion enables us to grasp the important role of bodily practices in feminists' religio-spiritual lives and challenges the conceptual dichotomy between "religion" and "spirituality".

Vortragende ist Kristin Aune von der Coventry University, U.K.

Dr Kristin Aune is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK. She has published widely on gender, religion and feminism, and on religion and higher education. Educated at the University of York and King's College London, her PhD (awarded 2004) examined gender in British evangelical Christianity and she published articles on this research in the journals The Sociological Review, European Journal of Women's Studies and Men and Masculinities. Her books include Women and Religion in the West (Ashgate, 2008), Reclaiming the F Word: Feminism Today (Zed Books, 2013) and Christianity and the University Experience (Bloomsbury, 2013) (co-authored). Recent projects include a workshop series "Is secularism bad for women?", run with colleagues at Uppsala, Helsinki and Coimbra Universities and funded by the International Society for the Sociology of Religion, and she is writing a proposal to edit a book on that theme. She has just published a special issue of the journal Social Movement Studies (co-edited with Jonathan Dean) on New Feminisms in Europe.

Moderation: PD Dr. Sabine Grenz