Equality Innovation Fund

With the Equality Innovation Fund, the University of Göttingen supports projects that address subject- and/or organisation-specific challenges in the field of equal opportunities. Faculties and institutions of the University are called upon to develop approaches to solutions that, for example, support talented women to pursue a career in academia. Further project objectives include the improvement of study, working and research conditions as well as a gender-oriented organisational culture. The target group are female graduates from all age and scientific status groups, i.e. female bachelor or master students, female early career researchers and (prospective) female professors.

The central idea of the fund, which is financed by the Programme for Women Professors, is to initiate innovative projects that respond with new, experimental ideas to concrete needs for action, e.g. when

  • a discipline does not have enough female first-year students,
  • the working conditions of female doctoral students need to be improved, or
  • a brain drain of excellent female graduates takes place immediately after obtaining a doctorate.

The projects are intended to explore new territory in gender equality in selected areas of the University, especially in the natural and life sciences. Some of them are role models for other areas, others are of interest to the entire University as success models. They thus make a significant contribution to the further development of equal opportunities policy and work.