Series of lectures "All Euqally Different!?"

Normality - Power - Education is the title of the series of lectures "'All Equally Different!?' Diversity in theory and practice" in the winter semester 2016/17.

In education institutions and processes normality is (re-)produced, but also presupposed. At the same time, diversity is perceived as a deviation from an unspoken standard and thereby is perceived as a problematic case. Those who do not seem to meet certain standard and normality requirements are threatened by disability and disadvantage. Hence, the education system does not compensate social differences, but strengthens the alleged normal case.

However, normality is not an unalterable fact, but an organisational task that changes over time. So how do universities deal with it every day, but also in strategic considerations? To what extent are concepts of normality encoded in interactions, structures and processes at universities as well as in the production of knowledge?

The individual talks discuss how normality at the university evolves, how it changes and for whom it may have what kind of including or excluding consequences.

For further information, please visit this website or see this flyer(PDF) and this poster (PDF).