Diversity strategy University Göttingen

Equal opportunities for all and protection against discrimination – this was laid down by the University of Göttingen in 2016 in its Diversity Strategy. The aim is to support all members and employees of the University to develop their abilities to the best of their potential and to be successful in their studies or profession. The strategy was developed with the participation of all areas and interest groups of the University and discussed in all relevant committees. It forms the basis for the diversity-oriented further development of the University.

"With our diversity strategy, we are facing up to the challenges of societal change and strengthening the University of Göttingen's future viability," Prof. Dr Andrea D. Bührmann, Vice President in charge of the University of Göttingen, explains. "In connection with diversity research at the University, it forms a very good basis for our application in the Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government and the Federal States.

"For us, the development of the diversity strategy was the next logical step on the way to a diversity-compatible organisational structure and culture," Dr Doris Hayn, Head of the University's Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit, states. In implementing the diversity strategy, the focus is on combining, further systematising and synchronising the numerous measures and activities that have emerged in the field in recent years.