Certificate Programme: Health Literacy

Health Literacy - Healthy Living, Healthy Studying -

The certificate programme Health Literacy: Healthy Living, Healthy Studying imparts fundamental knowledge and skills with regards to living a healthy life, self-regulation and health demands in social contexts and organisations. The certificate programme comprises both compulsory and elective modules. This gives room for the acquisition of basic knowledge of health science on one hand, and, on the other, the opportunity to acquaint oneself with and deepen one's knowledge of concrete subject matter, as well as the offers, strategies and methods of health-promoting agencies. Besides promoting individual health, participants are inspired to design work conditions that support good health practices. The programme thus provides participants with practical knowledge that can be made use of even after their student life, e.g. as operating health managers at companies.

Zertifikat Gesundheit HSp

The certificate programme consists of both compulsory and elective modules. Students are required to complete all the compulsory modules, ranging from the foundation module, 'Living, Studying and Working Healthily - an interdisciplinary introduction' (3C), to the concluding module, 'Promoting Healthy Practices at Companies' (3C). Of the four elective fields that exist, students are only required to complete one. They may choose from: (1) Movement and Training, (2) Nutrition, (3) Stress and Psychosocial Strains and (4) Promoting Healthy Ways at the Workplace. Each field comprises various modules and places an emphasis on real-world application.