Equal Opportunities Committee at ZESS

The Equal Opportunities Committee at the Centre for Languages and Transferable Skills (ZESS) comprieses delegates ranging from diverse fields, thus enabling an all-rounded approach to the subject of equal opportunities that takes into the account the various needs and concerns of students, teachers and staff alike.

The teachers and staff members of ZESS come from distinctly diverse backgrounds and are thus equipped to offer each and every university student a multi-faceted course of studies. Due to the inherent diversity and its unique situation within the university, ZESS is especially attentive and empathetic towards the disparate needs of its students and staff.

To this effect, we regularly offer advanced workshops on diversity, as well as courses that foster diversity skills (link).

As your Equal Opportunities Committee, we are actively involved with various panels, in hiring procedures as well as other, similar events in order to ensure diversity and the representation of all interests and needs.

The Equal Opportunities Committee is happy to be your spokesperson for any questions and queries you may have pertaining to equal opportunities at ZESS if you are a:

  • Student at ZESS
  • Research Assistant at ZESS
  • Teacher at ZESS
  • Staff member of ZESS

You may approach us personally or contact us via e-mail or telephone. All conversations are private and strictly confidential.