Please contact us for information about
• The rights of students / teaching staff with children
• Child care options for students with children
• Equal opportunities in general or at CeMIS

Please contact Christina Klöckner, the Equal Opportunities Officer at the Faculty of Social Sciences for the following topics:
• Events, workshops and coaching for women or students with children
• Support measures for women and students with children
• Sexual harassment / violence through fellow students and teachers
• Questions about support for women and women#s networks
• Equal opportunities measure at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Are you a student with a chronic illness or a disability and want to know more about what kind of support Göttingen University offers? Please check the website “Barrier-Free Studying” at Göttingen University and get in contact with Katrin Lux...

The CeMIS equal opportunities officer is currently in the process of being nominated. More soon!