Positions & Theses

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Theses

We are looking for highly motivated students willing to write their theses in topics related to our research focuses. To apply for a thesis, please send us an email with the topic [CSP thesis] including:

  • A letter of application detailing your personal interest for this research field
  • A list of visited lectures and corresponding grades
  • Known programming languages and experience
  • Possible starting date

Student Assistants

We are frequently looking for student assistants who are currently studying at the university. The student assistants will support and contribute to current research projects by developing new ideas, implementing them, or evaluating them under real-world conditions. Knowledge in, e.g., programming languages, should be detailed in the application. To apply for a position, please send us an email with the topic [CSP SA].

Research Assistants

We are looking for motivated and creative students willing to conduct their doctoral studies in the area of privacy. Depending on the students’ backgrounds, the addressed topics can focus on rather theoretical or practical issues. Our openings are published on the university-wide list.

External Internships

We are very rarely hosting students coming from outside our university. The application process is hence highly competitive. The minimal duration for an internship is 6 months. A detailed and personalised description of your motivation is of first importance. For this purpose, send us an email with the topic [CSP internship].