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    I completed a double major B.A. in politics, and in Modern Indian Studies at CeMIS, where I also wrote my bachelor thesis. The courses at CeMIS gave me a very good fundamental understanding of India’s history and society. In addition to the excellent quality of the courses, I especially enjoyed the atmosphere and support from the lecturers at the centre. At the moment, I am doing my Master in Peace and Conflict Studies in Marburg, and I am very happy to have gained such a good foundation during my bachelor studies. The BA at CeMIS definitely gave me the necessary qualifications for the Master (keyword: program requirements), and I’m grateful that I had such a good time there! - Nils Nerreter, MA student in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Marburg      Nils

    I was looking for a diverse study program that allowed me to develop a profound understanding from different disciplinary perspectives. CeMIS offered me the perfect mix: political science, economics and language studies, and all with a focus on South Asia. After my BA in Interdisciplinary Indian Studies, during which I completed two semesters abroad at the National University of Singapore and an internship in India, my first corporate stint was at the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Mumbai where I worked on establishing a German Energy Efficiency Training for Companies in India. After that, I started my own company: a marketing agency in Mumbai that employs only women. My understanding of the Indian market, culture and language, as well as my German background, create a unique combination of expertise that many Indian and German companies are looking for when introducing their product into the foreign market. - Gwenda Schobert, CEO of Enspireco Services Pvt Ltd     Gwenda

    I founded my own Indo-German Consulting company at the beginning of 2017. Prior to that, I worked for different Indian companies, mostly in Tamil-Nadu. Before I started my studies at CeMIS, I was an ordinary law student at the University of Göttingen. But thanks to CeMIS, I developed a much deeper insight into Indian culture. This was essential for me and my life in India — on both a professional and academic level, not to mention in everyday life. - Christian Garrelt Saathoff, Managing Partner, CG-S GmbH - Indo-German Business Network      Christian

    Obviously, I really enjoyed the MA programme at CeMIS, because I started on my PhD— on manual scavengers in colonial Calcutta—as soon as I finished. As an MA and PhD student, CeMIS has provided me with an extremely stimulating and supportive intellectual environment, and most importantly for me, has allowed me to pursue my interests in modern India - Maria-Daniela Pomohaci, CeMIS PhD student      Maria - Alumni

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The B.A. in Moderne Indienstudien and the M.A. in Modern Indian Studies are the two top-ranked Asian Studies programmes in Germany on top comparison website, studycheck.de.

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M.A. students talk about their experience at CeMIS

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