Mutterschaftsgeld (maternity allowance)

Maternity allowance is a wage replacement benefit paid by your health insurance 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after the birth of your child(ren). ). If you are not employed while studying, you are not entitled to this benefit. In other words: Maternity allowance requires an employment which is interrupted by pregnancy and childbirth. Maternity allowanceis paid by your health insurance; if you have private health insurance, the maternity allowance is paid for by the Bundesversicherungsamt (Federal Insurance Office) (in case of doubt, you are welcome to ask them whether you are entitled to maternity allowance).


Generally, yes. Please contact your health insurance for more information.

You apply 7 weeks before the calculated date of birth at your health insurance, unless you have private insurance; then you apply at the Bundesversicherungsamt (Federal Insurance Office).

Usually not, unless you are the person giving birth.