Jean Monnet Papers

The Jean Monnet Papers on European and International Sustainability Law are a research paper series, which is published by the Jean Monnet Chair. The series provides an opportunity for students and young academics to present their high-level research results to the public. The series focuses on sustainability as a key dimension of European integration, addressing politics and law within the EU and its Common Market as well as in its international relations. Everyone can download the Jean Monnet Papers for free.

Published Papers

No. 3/22

Combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing within the Regime Complex for Ocean Fisheries

by Sven Siebrecht, 2022

Download (PDF)

No. 2/22

Toward Sustainable Campus Operations in Europe: A Case Study on the Universities of Goettingen and Uppsala

by Lea Marie Quilitz, 2022

Download (PDF)

No. 1/22

European Union and global sustainable development through law – the research agenda

by Peter-Tobias Stoll, 2022

Download (PDF)

No. 2/20

Sustainability and Future Generations: How can their interests be preserved?

by Samuel Matthias Hartwig, 2020

Download (PDF)

No. 1/20

Sustainable Development and EU External Action

by Sven Pauls, 2020

Download (PDF)

No. 1/19

Mainstreaming Sustainable Development into EU Policy and Law: The Governance Approach of the EU in Light of its Historical Foundations

by Nazli Aghazadeh-Wegener, 2019

Download (PDF)

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The Jean Monnet Chair welcomes the submission of manuscripts focused on international law and sustainable development law issues, including topics such as environmental law, investment law, international trade law, social justice, international human rights and related topics. Articles are required to be written in English language. For a successful submission, please follow our Submission Guidelines.

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The Jean Monnet Chair invites Master and Ph.D. students, Post Docs, junior researchers and lecturers to write short blog posts on their research topics related to sustainable development to be published in our Jean Monnet Blog. Academic blogs are important to share your research and analysis to an open audience from colleagues in the academia to civil society, policy makers and interested public in general. Have a look at these tips and present your ideas in an accessible and informal way! Send your post to us via email:

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The Jean Monnet Chair, in cooperation with the International Writing Center of the University of Göttingen, invites Master and Bachelor students to participate in our workshop sessions on Academic Writing.

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There is a short Blog Post about the last Writing School Workshop in June 2019.