Experience reports

As part of the internationalisation of the curricula, many teaching projects have already been implemented at the various faculties. On this page, teachers report on the goals they have achieved with their projects, their experiences in the internationalisation process and the advantages of the developed scenarios and learning environments for teaching and learning.

Bachelor's Degree in World Literature

Prof. Dr. Freise from the Department of Slavic Philology has conceived the billingual and internationally oriented study programme "Weltliteratur/World Literature". Together with his team, he worked on blended learning and online units for the new programme. The programme is aimed at all students interested in literature and different languages and cultures from different countries and eras.
In this interview Prof. Dr. Freise talks about the importance of internationalisation for the study programme, the new modules and the cooperation in the video studio of the SUB Göttingen:

The Certificate Programme Additional Qualification Interculturality and Multilingualism / German as a Foreign and Second Language (ZIMD): E-Learning in the basic course

In winter semester 2017/18 and summer semester 2018, e-learning elements for the basic lecture were developed for the certificate programme "Additional Qualification Interculturality and Multilingualism/German as a Foreign and Second Language" (ZIMD). The digital learning units on the University’s learning platform ILIAS enable the students to deal with the contents of a mediation practice characterised by internationalisation in self-study. The aim is not only to facilitate independent learning, but above all to promote an appreciative approach to cultural and linguistic diversity.
In this video Jens Steckler, research assistant in the Department of Intercultural German Studies (Faculty of Philosophy), talks about how the new learning materials are changing the studies in the certificate programme "ZIMD":