Membership and Affiliation with CIDAS

CIDAS members and affiliates are expected to identify with its mission statement. They actively participate in further developing its opportunities in teaching, research and knowledge transfer in the field of data science. Georg-August-University staff can become a CIDAS member through recommendation by a CIDAS member and on application. Georg-August-University students must be accepted by the senate in advance. Staff of Göttingen Campus institutions can become affiliates of CIDAS.

CIDAS membership is granted for 5 years. A CIDAS member is entitled to participate in the election of the CIDAS board of directors, to the passive right to vote in the board of directors as well as to use CIDAS resources (e.g. rooms, IT-infrastructure, equipment and personnel). These resources are available to members on request in order to promote cooperation and collaboration of projects relating to data science and digitization. Furthermore, they can submit proposals for the general meeting`s agenda. CIDAS members are expected to actively participate in CIDAS events, such as workshops and other scientific events, as well as to present and name CIDAS e.g. on their websites. Members strive to achieve CIDAS’ aims in research, teaching and public relations. They agree to be on a mailing list, which sends relevant information regarding current data science. CIDAS affiliates may participate in the election of the CIDAS board of directors, be a passive member of the board and act in an advisory function. CIDAS affiliates and associate members can participate in CIDAS events free of charge without commitments. Access to CIDAS resources is reserved to the members and CIDAS affiliates. Applications for the use of CIDAS resources are decided by the CIDAS Board in a three month interval. Deadlines for submitting applications are 31 January, 30 April, 31 Juli and 31 October respectively.

In the right column, you will find further information about CIDAS mission, membership and affiliation in the document "CIDAS Membership" and in "Ordnung des CIDAS". This is where you will also find the application form for membership/affiliation to CIDAS and the form for use of resources.