Management of Business Information Systems - Lecture B.WIWI-WIN.0001

Course Overview

What? How?
Frequency Every Semester
Type of Course Lecture
Prerequisite Three case studies
Exam Written examination (90 minutes)
Credits 6 ECTS
Conditions of participation None


The course Management of Business Information Systems covers the product-oriented organisation of business information processing. “Product” refers to an application system, or rather an entire landscape of application systems that have to be designed and organised. The course focuses on conveying procedures, methods and concrete instruments that allow for a logical-conceptual design of application systems.

Learning targets

The students should:

  • be familiar with and able to explain and assess the basic principles, methods and instruments of system design
  • be able to analyze and model problems and processes of business reality
  • adopt team working, communication and organisational skills


This course is offered each semester. During the winter term, no lecture is given but the lecture notes from the previous semester will be provided. A lecture script will be handed out at the kick-off event or can be picked up from the relevant scientific staff at the chair.