SAP®-Blockschulung - Seminar B.WIWI-WIN.0007

Course for Bachelor Programs

Short Overview

What? How?
Frequency Every summer semester
Type of Course Block training (1 week)
Exam Prerequisites None
Exam Written Exam (60 minutes)
Credits 3 ECTS
0 ECTS (earlier course: Project seminar SAP)
Participation Prerequisites None


The basic functionality and operation of the standard software SAP ERP is presented. In addition to general functionality and operation, the characteristics of the individual solutins of SAP ERP are also shown. Besides theoretical knowledge, practical exercises are performed on the ERP system.

Study Goals

The students should

  • be able to describe and explain the theoretical basics of company standard software using the example of SAP ERP
  • be able to distinguish the general components of SAP ERP and explain their respective uses,
  • be able to identify and analyze the key support potentials of standard business software
  • be able to use a continuous case study to show the functioning of selected aspects of SAP ERP and to apply and transfer them to related situations
  • be able to distinguish essential components of SAP ERP and explain their respective uses
  • are able to perform computer-aided tasks in individual work with the help of learned communication and organization skills


The registration will be possible from 1. February 2024 12:00 until 22. February 2023 on the internet pages of the Chair. The number of participants is limited to 50 people. The first come first serve principle applies. Please note that a separate registration for the seminar in FlexNow is not absolutely necessary. The exam modalities and also the registration in FlexNow are explained and opened on the first day of the block training.

Date Overview

What? When and Where?
Introduction Event 11.03.2024 9:00-18:00 Uhr
Exam 20.03.2024 14:15-15:15 Uhr
(MZG/Blue Tower - E-Exam-Room MZG 1.116)