SAP-Project Seminar - Seminar B.WIWI-WIN.0006

Course for Bachelor Programs

Short Overview

What? How?
Frequency Every semester
Type of Course Seminar
Exam Prerequisites Successful participation in the SAP-Block Training/SAP TS410. (In case of close calls, the grade of the exam will decide)
Exam Written Elaboration (Project documentation, max. 90 pages, group work) with presentation (approx. 30 minutes + approx. 30 minutes discussion, group work)
Credits 12 ECTS
Participation Prerequisites Successful participation in the SAP-Block Training/SAP TS410


Project teams depict selected real-world tasks in the SAP® ERP system. Depending on the topic, this includes the creation of a target concept, the modeling of processes, the customizing of the modules, the representation of the integration relationships and the therefore necessary project management. The requirements for prior knowledge of methodical nature as well as for commitment and motivation are high. Each project team presents the project progress at the weekly meetings. At the end of the seminar a project documentation has to be prepared by the teams.

Study Goals

The students should be able to

  • know the essential functionality of SAP,
  • carry out significant transactions in selected modules,
  • know and apply basic reporting capabilities
  • customize and create reports themselves,
  • carry out customizing according to the defined requirements,
  • edit and manage a project with fixed milestones in a structured way,
  • document work results and
  • learn team, communication, organizational and presentation skills.

Date Overview

What? When and Where?
Start of the Seminar 09.04.2024 12:15 to 13:45 Uhr

Deadline for Termpaper17.09.2024