Glossary: Information about the faculty and studying

This glossary is intended to enable quick and direct navigation on the homepage. Here you will find information, links and documents on various topics in alphabetical order. The glossary is to be expanded continuously.


The Alumni Chapter Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology invites all alumni of our faculty to join the alumni network and shape it together! Faculty Alumni Page
Arriving by public transport: From the train station in Göttingen: Bus lines in the direction of Nikolausberg or Faßberg; Stop "Burkhardtweg" (Further information: Deutsche Bahn; VSN)
The Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology sees itself as a "green" environmentally friendly institution. If you are arriving by car, please use the parking lot above the faculty premises. There is a ban on stopping and parking in the entire red-paved area of the faculty, which is regularly checked by the public order office.



The University's Career Service offers you professional support on the topics of potential analysis, professional orientation, job research, application documents, job interviews, assessment centers, internships abroad, etc.
The Building Management - Caretaking Services staff responsible for the Forestry Faculty buildings can be reached at 0170-9278180 (cell phone) or via Email Caretaker.


Information and important tips on applying for certificates, diplomas and graduation documents can be found here.
More information can be found here.


In the short instructional films, important basics are clearly explained to make your studies easier. The series of educational films produced by the Dean of Studies of the faculty for the “Soil Science” and “Site Science” courses will soon be available to you.



The Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen cordially invites all graduates of the academic year 2022/23 and their families to the graduation ceremony on June 16, 2023. Please save the date.


As a brass group in our faculty, especially the forestry faculty, we want to maintain the tradition of blowing the hunting horn and fill it with content. The regular activities of the Hunting Horn Brass Choir include participation in larger events and festive occasions of our faculty, including the traditional "blowing out" of the newly graduated doctors after the thesis defence as well as the Hubertus masses at the beginning of November. We also support you in learning how to blow a hunting horn and all signals for forestry practice. In addition to the weekly practice evenings, there are regular brass instrument seminars and hunting opportunities. In order to maintain our extensive and demanding repertoire and to be able to carry out the numerous activities, we will continue to need brass players in the future who are committed and enjoy the music and who actively contribute to the group! Hereyou will find more information.
One of the hiring requirements for completing the preparatory service for the higher forest service (traineeship) is the right to obtain the first annual hunting license. This entry requirement applies to all federal states.




TheCentral Facility for Languages and Key Qualifications (ZESS) at Goßlerstraße 10 offers extensive opportunities to learn foreign languages during your studies. Language courses for the most common languages take place here. In addition, numerous events are offered that teach the students key qualifications such as communication skills or social and leadership skills. You can find information on interdisciplinary key competences here.


With a stock of around 130,000 volumes, the BBF is the special library for forest sciences in Germany and includes the stocks of the former faculty library and the forest science stocks of the SUB Göttingen.








Click here for the homepage of the student council!
On theIdeas and Complaints Management website pages, students can find information and, if necessary, professional advice and support on all questions at the university. The aim is to improve the quality of studies for everyone with the suggestions and advice of the students.
The system accreditation is a measure for the internal quality assurance of the study programs at each faculty of the University of Göttingen. It pursues the goal of checking the quality of the degree programs using a catalog of criteria, to safeguard them and, if necessary, improve them. It thus replaces the previous program accreditation, in which an individual course or cluster of courses was checked for compliance with minimum standards.
System Accreditation


As part of the quality assurance of studies and teaching, a student survey on teaching quality is carried out at the university every semester. At our faculty, all courses are evaluated in every survey. All lecturers are obliged to have their course evaluated by the students using a centrally issued questionnaire. The evaluation results are analyzed by the Dean of Studies and suitable measures to improve the quality of teaching are derived from them.


The university didactics program in Göttingen is aimed at teachers who want to optimize their courses and modules from a didactic point of view in order to promote motivation, commitment and sustainable learning among the students while keeping an eye on the individuality of the learning processes. More information can be found here.