Business trips

Please also find out about the following before starting your business trip:

Foreign Office


Road Traffic

  • Are there any deviating important traffic rules? Are these known to all travelers?
  • Traffic accidents are the most common type of accident, both nationally and internationally. The injuries are often severe or fatal. Therefore, behave attentively in traffic and obey the traffic regulations.
  • The driving licenses must be suitable for the planned journeys. In case of an accident, liability claims may be made against the driver.
  • Public transport can be associated with an increased safety risk.

Political neutrality
  • Personal expressions of opinion can cause intercultural or political conflicts/hazards. They are not appropriate during your trip.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Written permission from the Presidency must be obtained for business trips to “unsafe” areas.

Emergency Call

  • Is there a functioning emergency aid on site and in Göttingen that you can turn to?
  • Do you know the emergency numbers?


Travel documents

  • Are travel documents required?
  • Check the completeness and validity of the documents.
  • For many countries, the passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the travel period!!!



  • Are visas required and were they applied for and approved in good time?
  • When planning a trip abroad, take into account that different visa requirements may apply to participants with citizenship other than German. This can also apply to travel within the EU.

Power supply

  • Is the on-site power supply reliable, suitable and compatible with your devices?
  • The inspection obligations of DGUV V3 apply to portable electrical equipment, even when used abroad for a longer period of time.
  • Cabling must be laid securely and protected from the effects of the weather.



  • Additional private insurance is recommended for destinations abroad, e.g. travel health / accident insurance with repatriation. On business trips at home and abroad, employees and students are legally insured against accidents through the DGUV. Officials are in the care of the university. However, private activities during the business trip are not covered, e.g. during breaks and before or after events.
  • Further information:

Company medical service

  • In the case of an occupational medical indication, the company medical service offers free vaccinations.

Other considerations

  • Planning/organization: travel times, meeting points, participation restrictions, accommodation, risk assessment/emergency planning: depositing phone and passport numbers
  • Are activities planned that are associated with particular local hazards (climate, traffic, increased crime/violence, terrorism, political situation)?
  •  Are there any special requirements or risks regarding food and drinks?