First aid facilities
  • First-aid kit: Location: Geschäftszimmer (room 209); Hausmeister (room 101), Sören Schreiber (room 007)
  • First-aid report block: Documentation of first-aid services

First aiders / fire protection assistants
  • Names and other important information on emergencies (fire / accident) are on the alarm sheet

Emergency Helpine and Fault-reporting Service
  • are the central point of contact for all employees and students at the University of Göttingen in the event of technical faults / repairs / emergencies
  • Phone: +49 (0)551 / 39 - 1171

Contact person for occupational health and safety:

Employee Obligations

  • Follow instructions from superior
  • Use work equipment as intended
  • Report any defects found
  • Do not change safety devices

Tripping, sliding, falling

  • Wipe up spilled liquids immediatel
  • Carefully walk on freshly wiped floor
  • Lay loosely laid cables safely, e.g. with cable bridges
  • Have uneven floors repaired
  • Stairs: use handrail
  • Unsuitable footwear: choose sure-footed shoes

Identified Defects:
  • Immediate elimination of defects and dangers if the necessary specialist knowledge is available, otherwise report immediately (to office or supervisor!)

Preventive occupational health advice
  • Content includes information on the interactions between the individual health situation and professional activity
  • In addition, there is a medical examination, sometimes also technical examinations (e.g. eye test, lung function, etc.), if necessary a laboratory examination
  • All findings are subject to medical confidentiality
  • Registration and implementation in the company medical service (Telefon. 39-60120,

Prevent the risk of accidents

  • Be aware of the risk of accidents and near-misses and report them to superiors / safety officers


Reporting accidents . . . Tel. 112

  • Who reports? State your name!
  • Where's the accident? Place, street, part of the building,. . .
  • What happened?
  • Are there injured, how many injured?
  • What injuries are there?


Accident / accident report

  • An accident during working hours or on the way between home and work is an accident at work
  • Employees and students are insured through the Landesunfallkasse Niedersachsen LUK
  • If as a result of the accident there is a need for treatment and / or incapacity for work for at least three days -> report the accident to the accident insurance institution in the specified form
  • Complete an accident report and send it to the safety and environmental protection department (goes on to the staff council or works council, the personnel department, the state accident fund and the trade supervisory authority)
  • Forms for accident reports are available on the websites of the staff units and HR departments (

Fire protection

  • Switch off electrical devices after use
  • Do not place any flammable materials on electrical devices, do not block the ventilation slots of electrical devices
  • Report a fire: Tel.: 112
  • Internal contact: fire protection assistants

Fire protection officer


Escape and rescue plan

  • Familiarize yourself with escape and rescue routes and the location of the assembly point in the event of an evacuation / emergency!


Escape and emergency routes

  • Must always be kept free
  • Do not fix the fire and smoke protection doors!
  • In the event of evacuation / evacuation, always go directly to the assembly point
  • Pay attention to the alarm signals
  • Alert people in the area
  • Bring people who are unfamiliar with the area or who are in need of help
  • Check toilets and adjoining rooms


What to do in the event of fire

  • Warn employees
  • Avoid unnecessary air supply to the source of the fire, i.e. close windows and doors or keep them closed
  • Rescuing people comes before rescuing property and fighting fires
  • Follow the marked escape routes
  • In the event of a fire on electrical systems, switch off the power immediately (if this is safe!)
  • Elevators must not be used as a power failure can be expected in the event of a fire
  • Leave heavily smoke-filled rooms bent over or crawling
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire: if possible, fight fire with the closest, suitable fire extinguisher
  • Only attempt to extinguish the fire without endangering yourself (small fires without dangerous smoke development)
  • Do not let burning people run away -> extinguish with fire extinguisher (from a distance of 2-3m; do not aim at the face)


Safe way to work

  • Plan enough time
  • Be considerate in traffic
  • Adapt your speed to the traffic situation and the weather
  • Switch on the lighting in good time
  • Choose light-colored or reflective clothing, especially in the dark season
  • Wear suitable shoes
  • Keep the means of transport in a technically perfect condition
  • Wearing a bicycle helmet is sensible and important
  • Don't get distracted - mobile phone can wait!