Writing process management with digital tools

A Project under the IVAC program – International Virtual Academic Collaboration

In the summer semester of 2023, a virtual course will be held as part of the "IVAC - International Virtual Academic Collaboration" program. The topic of the English-language course is "Writing process management with digital tools". The IVAC project and the virtual course take place in cooperation with the partner universities in Ghent (Belgium) and Tartu (Estonia). Students of all subjects are welcome to apply for participation in this course.

IVAC - "International Virtual Academic Collaboration" is a current project of the key competence area Intercultural Interactions, located in the Department of Intercultural German Studies, Seminar for German Philology. The project is organized with the International Writing Lab by the University of Göttingen and implemented in cooperation with partner universities in Ghent (Belgium) and Tartu (Estonia). The DAAD-funded project will offer the course "Writing process management with digital tools" in the summer semester 2023 and winter semester 2024.

"Writing process management with digital tools" helps beginning and advanced students develop their intercultural skills, academic writing, and the use of artificial intelligence in their personal writing process. Central aspects include developing the skills of reflecting on one's own writing process, writing strategically and revising texts with the help of A.I. tools, and collaborating in international virtual teams in an understanding-constructive manner.

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