Subject-specific foreign language training for jurists

You study law committedly. But do you also have sufficiently well-founded subject-specific foreign language skills?

One thing is certain: Without the "foreign language certificate" as documentation of your attendance of a foreign-language legal lecture or legally aligned language course purs. to § 5a IIa2 DRiG, § 4 Ino.1 lit.1d NJAG you will not be admitted to the mandatory subject exam, the state part of the first exam.

But even if you meet this minimum required to language competence, intercultural communications skills and knowledge of foreign legal systems, you are not automatically ready for a labour market increasingly characterised by globalisation, mobility and competitive pressure. Additional effort pays out. Subject-specific foreign language skills and basic insights into foreign legal rules are not only great preparation for studies abroad and open up interesting professional opportunities, but also serve to develop structures that are extraordinarily helpful for understanding your own legal system.

Use the wide range of corresponding offers that your studies of law at the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen provides.