Ecosystem Management (B.Sc.)

Study programme for ecosystem management
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Regular study period: 6 semesters
Begin of studies:

  • 1. Semester: only in the winter semester (restricted admission, application via the University))
  • 2. to 4. Semester: any semester (restricted admission, application via the University)
  • Foreign applicants: only in the winter semester (application via the University)

Description of the study programme:
The bachelor’s programme ‘Ecosystem Management’ at the University of Göttingen was created in 2008 by the faculties of forestry science, agricultural science, geoscience and geography. The 3 year study programme conveys the fundamentals, analytical methods, evaluation and management of ecosystems, along with continuing occupational competences to the student. An occupational internship outside the university with a minimum of 3 months duration is scheduled in the study programme to provide for a good orientation of the diverse potential occupational branches.

Ecosystem management is a discipline at the crossroads of natural settings and human usage. With this bachelor‘s study programme the student will learn the fundamental issues and concepts of ecology and economics along with insights into the terminology and basics of agricultural-, forestry- and geosciences. The student should develop understanding and management skills for the functions and interactions of terrestrial ecosystems. The student will in particular be qualified to create integrated and sustainable concepts for the use of ecosystems as well as natural regenerative and non-regenerative resources.

The interdisciplinary approach of the study programme enables the student to competently form opinions, identify cause and effect relationships, critically reflect on scientific findings and develop solutions to opposing usage in the area of conflict between ecological threats and economic effectiveness.

The bachelor’s degree in ecosystem management not only qualifies for career entry, but also represents a good foundation to enter related master’s programmes. Acceptance to the geographic, forest- or agricultural sciences master’s programmes not only at the University of Göttingen, but also with other international master’s programmes is generally possible.

The bachelor’s study programme in ecosystem management also offers the possibility to integrate into the curriculum a semester abroad at a foreign university with similar study programmes.