Setting appointments with Stud.IP

Brief description

If you enable students to sign up for appointments to see you via the learning platform this allows students to sign up from anywhere and avoids time-consuming e-mail correspondence. It is also easier for you as you can check who has signed up at any time and if necessary contact those who have signed up in advance. Additionally, it is possible to make it necessary to give a topic or reason for meeting when making an appointment.


  • Clear and easy arrangement of appointments
  • Organisation of exam dates for oral examinations, where necessary


To make appointments, you can use the tool “Terminvergabe”; this is located on the page “Profile” as an additional tab. You can also limit appointments to individual courses, so that only the participants from those courses can sign up.


Set up an appointment group: to set up consultation appointments, click on the tab “Terminvergabe” on your profile page. First, set up an appointment group. Here, you name the appointment block, switch it to visible, if necessary select the course for which this appointment block is intended and make other settings.

Input individual appointments: once you have stored the appointment group, the second step is to set the times for the individual appointments. Consultation time is set up in blocks. For example, you define a block from 11:00-13:00 and specify that an individual appointment lasts 20 minutes. Then the system automatically divides the period you set into the appropriate number of individual appointments. If you want to offer consultations at set intervals, e.g. every other week on a Tuesday from 11:00-13:00, define the period appropriately and select the desired interval (e.g. fortnightly). You can input any room.

Signing up for appointments: the list of appointments you offer is shown on your profile page. Students can sign up or cancel appointments there, if necessary stating a reason for meeting. (Names of people who have already signed up are not visible to students.)

Agreed appointments are also automatically entered in the personal appointments calendars of the lecturer and of the student. These personal appointments then appear after login on the homepage of Stud.IP. You can also synchronise your appointments calendar with Outlook, etc.

Detailed instructions on making appointments can be found in Stud.IP Help.