Arranging appointments

Brief description

Arranging an appointment with participants. Selecting and communicating an appointment time that is suitable for as many participants as possible within a limited period outside the routine course timetable.

What is the objective?

Transparent, efficient and equitable arrangement of appointments with multiple participants.

Realisation (Tools)

  • Surveys
  • Workflow
  • Messages


Create a survey

In Stud.IP (course or on your profile page) create a new survey with the title: “Arranging an appointment for discussion”. The survey question could ask: “On which of the following dates could you take part? Please state all possible dates”.

The survey should close early enough to notify all participants before the first appointment slot.

Selecting multiple answers must be allowed and analysis of the survey must be personalised. Participants should be able to change their answer(s) as often as they like.

Announcing a survey and period for voting

After creating the Stud.IP survey you should announce it, stating the deadline, in classroom sessions and where possible also to everyone by message/notice.

Announcing an appointment

Following the survey the most-useful appointment slot can be seen from the results. With “Show names” you can see the names of the participants and make contact if necessary.

You should then if possible notify the agreed appointment to everyone by message and record it in the course schedule.