Attendance Obligation ZESS Courses (illness / absence from course / exam)

If regular and active participation is required in a course, students are obliged to attend at all designated course dates (official examination regulations of the University of Göttingen, Section 14 (5)). Courses that span 4 SWS permit students to be absent without excuse for a total of eight teaching units of 45 minutes each, while courses that span 2 SWS permit unexcused absence of four teaching units of 45 minutes each.

If (further) course participation is not possible due to illness, please proceed as follows:

Please immediately fill out the excuse form on the right side/below and upload a medical certificate (e.g. a doctor's acknowledgment that you are unfit to work a.k.a. “AU”).

If your course at ZESS is part of your graduation requirements and you are attending another compulsory course with attendance requirements outside of ZESS, you must complete the excuse form on the right/below and upload a confirmation of your attendance requirements in the other course.
At present, the following degree programs are affected when combined with the following ZESS modules:

  • Agricultural Science students (bachelor's only): Intermediate English II for agricultural sciences
  • Economics and Business Administration students (BWL & VWL): Business English I
  • Economics students (VWL): Business English II
  • Biology students: Scientific English I

subject to the assessment regulations of the respective degree programme.

If the excused absences exceed the above-mentioned permitted absences, you must complete additional assignments (in consultation with the coordinator of the respective course level) as a prerequisite for admission to the examination.