Seminar on current issues in the area of Interorganizational Information Systems (B.Sc.)

General information

Type of course Seminar
Term Every winter term
Credits 6 ECTS
Module B.WIWI-WIN.0027
Courses of study Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Business
Others upon request
Course language English (German paper possible)
Examination Presentation, term paper
Instructor Prof. Dr. Manuel Trenz


  • Update winter term 2020/2021: Applications via the application form will be accepted until 07 October 2020 
  • All seminar places are allocated via the centralized application platform
  • Further information regarding the application can be found here


  • Please do only apply when you are available at both, kick-off meeting and final presentation. No exceptions (e.g. study term abroad, other appointments, holidays, etc.) will be permitted
  • You can not participate in this seminar if you have already completed a Bachelor seminar (B.WIWI-WIN.0027) at the Chair for Application Systems and E-Business (Prof. Schumann) or the Chair of Information Management (Prof. Kolbe)

Exemplary seminar theses topics from previous semesters

  • Effects of Freemium Strategy in the Mobile App Market
  • Building Effective Online Marketplaces with Institution-Based Trust
  • Disintermediation of Traditional Intermediary Roles in the Electronic Business-to-Business (e-B2B) Exchange World
  • Strangers on a Plane: Context-Dependent Willingness to Divulge Sensitive Information
  • Understanding Buyers' Loyalty to a C2C Platform
Further information can be found in UniVZ.