Bachelor theses

General application information

    Application period
  • Summer term: 15 March until 1 April
  • Winter term: 15 September until 1 October
    Winter term 2020/2021: 15 October until 2 November
Application prerequisites
  • A successfully completed research seminar at the faculty
  • At least one elective course in business informatics or marketing
  • "Application Form to Begin the Thesis Paper" must be ready and presented at the kick-off date (available from the Examination Office)
    Due to the Coronavirus precautions this is not necessary at the moment.
Required application documents
  • Current grade excerpt from FlexNow
  • Filled application form (the application period has expired, next activation on 15 October 2020)
Further notes
  • If you have successfully completed our seminar "Current issues in the area of Interorganizational Information Systems", we will definitely offer you the supervision of your Bachelor thesis. Nevertheless, please fill out the application form and send your FlexNow grade sheet by e-mail.
  • All bachelor theses must be written in English

If you are interested in a bachelor thesis at the chair and fulfill all application requirements, please fill the application form and send your FlexNow grade sheet within the application period via e-mail to Prof. Dr. Trenz (trenz@uni‑

Process for a bachelor thesis

A typical bachelor thesis process follows the following steps (dates refer to the current application period):


Exemplary bachelor theses topics from previous semesters

  • Central topic area for summer term 2020: Working on Digital Platforms
  • Platformization of Established Business Models: A Case Study of Firm X
  • Entry Strategies for Platform-based Markets in the Age of Digitization
  • How Boredom Drives Behavior – A Synthesis of Existing Knowledge about the Effects of Boredom on Technology Use
  • Digital Labour in the Gig-Economy: Working Conditions and Worker Motivation in the Microtask Crowdsourcing Environment of Firm Y
  • Digitization in the Food Retailing Industry – Analyzing the Strategic Moves of Firm Z
Do you have your own idea for a bachelor thesis in the research area of the chair? Please do not hesitate to contact us!