Complex tests as part of exam preparation (ILIAS)

Brief description

Over the course of the semester the students take part in weekly Q&A sessions (created in Stud.IP using the learning module plugin) on the subject of the course. Participation in the Q&A sessions is voluntary and the test can be taken as many times as required.


  • Increasing student motivation
  • Supplementary work on course content
  • Review of level of knowledge
  • Exam preparation

Realisation (Tools)

Learning module plugin in Stud.IP: ILIAS tests


Create an ILIAS test in Stud.IP under “Tools” -> “My learning modules”. Then, still in ILIAS, you can input the test questions and arrange other settings.

To incorporate the test into Stud.IP, activate the “Learning module interface” under the “+” heading. This brings up the “Learning modules” tab in Stud.IP. Then the tests can be linked in.

You can set the start and end time settings of the test in ILIAS – this means that all tests can be created before the start of the course but are only available to the students as time passes (e.g. one test per week). An unlimited number of test attempts within a given time, together with answer-sensitive feedback, are ideal for practising and developing content-based knowledge.

Using the above settings one test is released each week for the students, who can only access them for a given period (e.g. one week). During this time they can take the test repeatedly. For each wrong answer the students get an additional hint (e.g. literature/ research options).

Offer a good motive for regular participation and success.


The ILIAS tests offer the opportunity of automatic assessment with various options which can be set as needed.


An introduction to the create of tests with ILIAS is essential. The E-Learning-Service offers ILIAS courses for tutors and academics, as well as individual advice and help. Please contact the E-Learning-Service for this: