Cool, Calm and Collected at International Conferences

Trainer: Ric Oquita (Impulsplus)
Datum: 28./29. Oktober (Freitag 10 bis 18 Uhr, Samstag 9 bis 17 Uhr)
Ort: Seminarraum der Stabsstelle Zukunftskonzept (ZUK), Von-Siebold-Str. 4, 37075 Göttingen
Zielgruppe: Promovendinnen im Mentoring-Programm der Stabsstelle Zukunftskonzept (ZUK) und weitere interessierte Promovendinnen

Veranstalterin: Mentoring-Programm der Stabsstelle Zukunftskonzept (ZUK)

The morning session is focused on conversation - making contact with others at conferences and creating strong collaborations. Participants will develop brief promotional presentations of themselves and their work: a "pitch", as well as making easy conversation with other participants during coffee breaks, session beginnings and dinner.
The afternoon and second day of the workshop are focused on the speaker - the presentation and thinking on your feest during the question and answer sessions.
Following impromptu presentation practice, participants will be asked to write short presentations to be critiqued in simulated scenarios, including intensified discussions. This seminar will also provide participants with an opportunity to practice and perfect their public speaking skills using video-recording.
Participants will receive individual feedback on the effectiveness of their presentations skills.

Throughout the two-day workshop, participants will be guided through playful exercises to improve non-verbal communication, improving the ability to listen and react generously, and to integrate focusing techniques which empower the speaker. Attention will be given to breath and speech patterns of the participants, to strengthen both in ease and clarity of the speaker. Exercises include relaxation, intonation, pronunciation, tempo and text analysis.

Contents in brief:
- Preparing a talk and discussion in English
- Involving the audience in one's talk
- Improving body language
- Dealing with strong personalities and harsh questions
- Concisely introducing yourself: practice your "pitch"
- Confidently practicing small talk
- Receiving video feedback

Participants are asked to prepare a 5 minute talk/presentation. The exercises will be in English. Feedback and discussion will be in German and English