Creating coursework in Wiki

Brief description

During the coursework or thesis phase students input their drafts into the Stud.IP course Wiki. They can give each other feedback. Tutors and lecturers supervise, make comments and structure the work process. At the end of the semester there is a presentation of all the results.

What is the objective?

  • To make the stages of work, the process of developing ideas, research stages, and excerpts of material and literature visible and clearly comprehensible
  • Motivation for ongoing intensive work (group dynamic with productive controls by others)
  • Presentation of intermediate and end results of themed research/ individual work
  • Issues raised in dialogue between tutors and students are brought to light on the course
  • Continuing support between course dates


This scenario mainly uses the Wiki. The comments function in Wiki or the course forum can be used for feedback and discussion.


Create a Wiki structure, i.e. several interlinked pages. The following pages would be suitable at the upper level: work projects, literature references or links, excerpts, results of work groups and memos. At the second level you could put the participants, subject semester, degree programmes, objectives of taking part in the course and new links to a site map, contents and search strategies.

Levels can be created individually and links added within the various levels. This gradually forms a network of references and links within and between projects. This network is created by the tutors or lecturers.

An introduction to working with Wiki is important. Amongst other things it should be explained that it is not possible to work simultaneously on a Wiki page and using the formatting aids in edit mode.

To start with, the students’ first drafts are input in Wiki by the tutors, then developed over the semester by the students and supervised and commented on by the tutors. In addition there can be a productive exchange of ideas with (virtual) group work. The comments function or forum can be used for this exchange of ideas. The entire work process should be reviewed regularly (by the tutors) and if necessary assisted.


At the end, the finished pages are available for ongoing use and work by all participants, archived as PDF or HTML files which can be accessed for work.

Practical hints

Guidance of Wiki contributions requires there to be individual identification of the texts’ authors. If necessary, literature references have to be researched in advance.

Support should be given on several levels: In the technical preparation for the course and in the virtual guidance and structuring of the Wiki. Each individual heading of the Wiki has to be read and changes and developments must be registered.