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SAG-Service - Important Notice
(Göttingen, 22th of April 2020)

Due to the current situation regarding the spread of SARS-coronavirus-2 Georg-August-University Göttingen is operating in a reduced level.
Beside maintenance of Culture Collection of algae at Georg-August-University Göttingen (SAG) we can offer a reduced service for external users now.
Shipment of algal cultures will be started step-by-step now. Please note that for international shipments specific problems may need to be solved before we can send living algal cultures. We cannot guarantee any scheduled algal shipments. Handling of requests and orders maybe delayed.

  • SAG ships all national orders that reached us before 17th of March 2020. For international orders we kindly ask to contact us and give information on how international shipments can be sucessfully handled.
  • The SAG still provides all other services, e.g. consulting or digital information (see SAG database, in the best possible way. Accessibility by phone is still reduced.
  • SAG is not open for guided tours or visits.

We thank you for your understanding in this extraordinary situation and wish you to stay healthy.

On behalf of the SAG team
Dr. Maike Lorenz (Curator)


How to order

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Trebouxia_angustilobata Haematococcus_pluvialis_SAG_192.80 WWW_SAG_36.85_Chroococcus_turgidus_ML