liveSciences³ Decision Support for Recognition

Formerly student data transfer across higher education institutions and recognition of achievements was a rather lengthy, paper-based process, which also often suffered from uncertainty and a certain lack of transparency.

As part of the liveSciences³ project the digital student data transfer (EMREX/ELMO) was implemented with international partner universities. The implementation is based on existing standards, which were and will be further developed as needed within the framework of Platform for Inter*national Student Mobility (PIM). Based on the digital student data transfer, a digital workflow was implemented that allows students and university staff to realize recognition of achievements, including the following steps:

  • Application for recognition by the student and
  • Processing of the recognition request by the university staff.

The implementation of digital work flows for recognition allows to refer to available module information and include recognition references in the decision process. The digital services in respect to recognition are still further developed as part of PIM. Experiences made during the liveSciences³ project together with the international partner universities (University of Talca, Chile) and at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (University of Göttingen) as well as the liveSciences³ students were of great importance and highly valuable to test and improve the platform and the digital services along the student international journey.

Uncertainties in terms of recognition is still one of the greatest obstacle for international student mobility. liveSciences³ aimed to remove these obstacles along the student international journey. Throughout the livesciences³ project, the team reported about the progress made for the implementation of digital services, including student data transfer and recognition of achievements. The listed resources provide a good overview onf the developments and achievements:

HFD University:Future Festival Open for Discussion (02.-04.11.2021, Berlin & online): Chances to break down barriers for student mobility through enhanced digital service. [Presentation by Nina Wagenknecht, Wolfgang Radenbach und Anne Sennhenn (University of Göttingen)]

HRK MODUS Conference Recognition and recognition of prior learning: quality criteria & implmentation (31.05.-01.06.2022, Berlin): Digital recognition in practice [Presentation with live Demo; Janina Hantke, Gerald Lach (Technische Univeristät Berlin) und Anne Sennhenn (University of Göttingen)]; The digital recognition process [Poster by Janina Hantke, Gerald Lach (Technische Univeristät Berlin) uand Anne Sennhenn (University of Göttingen)]

DAAD Moving Target Conference Increasing the Impact of Internationalisation in Higher Education (30.11. – 02.12.2022, Berlin): PIM is now live - Experiences gained from several months of productive use of PIM at the University of Göttingen [Presentation with live Demo; Janina Hantke (Technische Univeristät Berlin) und Anne Sennhenn (University of Göttingen)]

DAAD (2023): Recognition and digitalisation in Europe: What steps to take for higher education institutions? [Written report of the NA DAAD bologna.hub event with Inputs from Wolfgang Radenbach & Anne Sennhenn (University of Göttingen)]

Latest information and developments are continuously published through the Platform for Inter*national Student Mobility (PIM) websites.


Prof. Dr. Hiltraud Casper-Hehne
Head of project

Dr. Anne Sennhenn
Project Coordinator

Von-Siebold-Straße 2
Room 1.101
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