AG Hofsäss, II. Institute of Physics

Ion beam systems:

  • 3 MV NEC Pelletron Tandem accelerator
  • 500 kV High Voltage ion implanter
  • 30 kV mass selected ion beam deposition system
  • 10 kV Colutron ion beam system
  • 2 kV Tectra microwave plasma ion source

Ion Beam Analysis:
Rutherford backscattering (RBS) with 900keV He2+
High resolution RBS with electrostatic analyzer
Nuclear reaction analysis (NRA)
Protion induced Gamma Spectroscopy (PIGE)
Proton induced X-ray fluorescence (PIXE)

Optical characterization:

Photo- and Cathodoluminescence spectrometer
He-Cd UV laser
Titan Sapphire fs laser
Streak camera
UV-VIS Absorption spectrometer
X-ray diffraction (Bruker, Philips)
Magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE)

Surface characterization:

XPS/UPS Spectrometer (currently out of operation)
Perlin Elmer Auger Spectrometer (AES), Reflection EELS and FEED
Atomic Force Microscopy
in-air Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Electrical characterization:

Low temperature electrical conductivity setup
Current Voltage (CV) spectroscopy

Nuclear solid State Physics
Emission channeling spectrometer
Mößbauer spectrometers
Gamma-Gamma angular correlation spectrometers

Thin film deposition:
Thin film evaporation system
Magnetron sputter deposition system

Radiation detectors:
10 HPGe detectors, LN2-cooled, 9% to 61% efficiency
3 Si(Li) X-ray detectors, LN2 cooled
2 KeteK Si drift detector X-ray detectors
many NaJ, BaF2 and LYSO scintillation detectors for gamma radiation
many semiconductor detectors for alphas, protons and electrons