Research interests

Under CRC project my research is focusing on food security of smallholder farmer in Central Sulawesi particular emphasis on the determinants and the mitigation of the food security problem. Based on the increasing concern of food security, first, I am trying to investigate the vulnerability of the food security in the research area due to climate change. Here, considering most of the smallholder farmers are dependent on agriculture, any irregularities in climate patterns will lead to serious consequences and pose serious problems to the agricultural production and income that will threaten food security of the household. Second, by explores the main interaction between the transformations of agriculture on cash crop choice particularly on cocoa cultivated, I examine to what extent cash crops can be viewed as a potential mechanism for improving the food security and welfare of households. Lastly, the impact of shocks from agriculture production and climate will be measure towards the change in poverty status of household over the years as well as non-farm employment as mitigation to overcome the risk of falling into a state of food insecurity.