Face the Fact. Science in Portrait


past exhibition: 27 SEPTEMBER 2018 – 3 MARCH 2019

Visit our 360° virtual online-exhibition at facethefact.gbv.de.

Science has many faces. We encounter them in oil paintings, medals, graphic representations, photographs and sculptures. There has been a culture of portrait painting at the Georgia Augusta since her founding in 1737. The portraits of Göttingen professors from various collections of the University that are exhibited here make clear: portraits narrate the scientific world as well as the academic history.

By representing various portrait media, this exhibition organizes the portraits of the scholars according to their retrospective time of production. This approach highlights continuity as well as disruptions in the portrait culture. It draws our attention to general patterns, types and traditions used in the portrayal of scholars. Its central themes revolve around admission and participation in an institution, showing us not only types of remembrances but also mechanisms of exclusion.

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