The Equal Opportunity Team of the Faculty for Physics

The Equal Opportunity Team is composed of the Equal Opportunity Officer and her/his representatives in the institutes. A short introduction including contact details should help to decide on the right contact person:

Isabell Weimer Ariane Frey Stephen Eggebrecht
Isabell Weimer Ariane Frey Stephen Eggebrecht
I. Institute of Physics
office B.02.104
isabell.weimer (at)
II. Institute of Physics
office D.01.113
phone 39-14153
ariane.frey (at)
II. Institute of Physics
office D.00.112
phone 39-27627
stephen.eggebrecht (at)
Dieter Klopfenstein Marie Petri Charlotte August 90x130
Dieter Klopfenstein Marie Petri Sophie-Charlotte August
III. Institute of Physics
office F.03.119
phone 39-26914
dieter.klopfenstein (at)
IV. Institute of Physics
office C.-1.116
phone 39-26848
mariepetri (at)
Institute for X-ray Physics
office F.01.105
phone 39-29425
sophie-charlotte.august (at)
Juliana Caspers Elena Osik
Juliana Caspers Elena Osik Heiko Anwand-Heerwart
Institute for Theoretical Physics
j.caspers (at)
Institute for Materials Physics
office D.04.120
phone 39-25004
elena.osik (at)
Institute for Astrophysics
office F.03.150A
phone 39-5328
hanwand (at)


You can write us anonymously via this form to If you would like to get a response, please indicate how we can get in touch with you.

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