Our courses are aimed at all enrolled students of Georg-August University of Göttingen who would like to acquire a language qualification in French. To that degree, we offer courses that range from A1 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We have set diverse goals that respond to the challenges of internationalism since, as we now know, language skill acquisition in the internationalised environment of the university as well as the working world has become a focal point in education.

Cultural and Inter-cultural Goals

Our team comprises francophones. This enables students to swiftly familiarise themselves with french culture. They also develop the required inter-cultural skills to study or work in a french-speaking country.

Language Goals

Our aim is for students to acquire the necessary language skills (reading and listening comprehension, writing and oral expression) as well as master necessary language components (vocabulary, grammar etc.) in order to be able to competently navigate the various situations they may encounter.

Task-Based Learning Goals

Forget grammar exercises! We value a task-based approach that allows students to view grammar and vocabulary as 'language tools' that they can utilise in authentic life situations and which enables them to work on projects and create powerful presentations. Most of all, however, we value interaction, which we deem the key to knowledge construction and success in teamwork with international partners.
Note: a task-based approach to learning does not mean that we eschew grammar. Instead, we believe that grammar and vocabulary are important components in order to correctly and eloquently express oneself. Thus, while vocabulary and grammar remain an integral part of the course, they are components that students are expected to independently work on at home.

Skills Beyond Language-Learning

In our courses, students acquire additional qualities and skills: motivation, independence, responsibility, collaborative teamwork etc. Foreign languages have grown in significance and knowing French is often a prerequisite for employment. Hence, students may want to consider completing a UNIcert® certificate at the ZESS, as it is a reliable and trusted document that acknowledges your acquired language skills.

Are you interested in taking a course with us? Simply have a look at our course listing. Feel free to contact me should you have any queries.
We are more than pleased to accompany you on your graduation / career path and wish you a pleasant time learning French.

Kind Regards,

Claudie Bréhinier

Subject Supervisor