Fundraising Campaign 'In Göttingen. For Göttingen' for the Göttinger Tafel e.V.

Image source: Göttinger Tageblatt / © Hinzmann

The Göttinger Tafel e.V. is a community club whose rooms provide needy citizens with food. The 'table' is thus reliant on donations, though not only for dispensing food, as the club also incurs bills to maintain their spaces, pay their staff and provide necessary equipment. The Göttinger Tafel e.V. requires a steady stream of donations in order to cover these costs and ensure its survival. As part of the Project Management course at ZESS, we, a group of four students, have come together to take charge of this project.

We kicked off with each of us bringing various ideas to the table and having lengthy discussions. As the central theme of our project was 'nutrition', we developed a concept with which we could present the gastronomic industry, in hope of their support of the Göttinger Tafel e.V., the rationale being: those who enjoy eating well would surely like to share this experience with others as well.

We developed various models before finding the right one. We then set off with Ms May, director of Göttinger Tafel e.V., to find companies that would support our project. Our first supporters were Ms Amirfallah and Mr. Nisch, who run Apex in Göttingen, and from June 2015 onwards, we were able to raise 50 cents from every dish sold for the Göttinger Tafel e.V. Presently, our goal is to expand our circle of supporters. Our campaign is being generously supported by Miller's Marketing, who had offered to print self-designed flyers and stickers for our advertisement.

These stickers contain our slogan 'InGöttingen.ForGöttingen', and are displayed with our flyers at restaurants that support our project. Through this initiative, restaurant-goers are well-informed as to which restaurants participate in community service.

Link to the article in the Göttinger Tageblatt