I am pregnant - a checklist for expecting mothers

  • Pregnancy record
    After diagnosing a pregnancy your ob-gyn will give you your personal pregnancy record book.

  • Choosing a midwife to assist you during the pregnancy and when giving birth in the clinic/birthing center
    You can find information regarding this and other relevant topics here:

  • Informing the human resource department about your pregnancy and your estimated due date
    There is no obligation to inform the human resource department. Nonetheless, it can be helpful to let your employer know that you are pregnant so that he can make sure that the legal requirements regarding maternity protection. This is especially important for students in the subjects of medicine, biology, and chemistry, as well as for all those handling hazardous substances.

    Checklist for medical students and checklist for chemistry students

    Further information regarding these topics are available from the university's medical office and the company medical office of the University hospital: www.betriebsarzt.med.uni-goettingen.de

  • In case of a financial distress you can file a request for support from the Federal Foundation Families in Distress
    The request must be filed before the birth of the child (as of the 12th week of pregnancy)
    Where: Possible only in a consulting centers such as Caritas, ProFamilia or the City of Goettingen's Youth Office.

  • Students: A request for a leave of absence from your studies is possible
    You have the possibility to let your studies rest for a limited amount of time and go on a leave of absence. If you are a receiver of BAföG, the German Federal Financial Support in Education, you should keep in mind that your financial BaföG claim will become invalid during your leave of absence. Please check which implications this might have on aspects such as scholarships, insurance, tax exemptions, and if applicable your own child allowance. If you are on a leave of absence due to pregnancy, maternity protection, or child-care you may take exams and collect credit points as long as the amount does exceed 50% of the credits regularly earned in a semester. Further information can be obtained from your faculty's office for student counseling.

  • Students: A request to switch to part-time studies is possible
    Being a part-time student may be possible in some branches of study. Please request further information on this from your department's dean's office or the office for student counseling.

  • Researchers with a fixed-term contract
    Please make concrete agreements with your supervisor or your superior if your contract ends during your pregnancy/time of maternity protection/parental leave. The time period of a fixed-term contract can be extended (according to WissZeitVG §2 par. 1) for the amount of time that is spend in parental leave and for the amount of time that maternity protection law apply (§2 par. 5 sentence 1 no. 3 WissZeitVG) if the employee agrees. The extension will have the length of time you were unable to work. According to §2 par. 5 sentence 2 WissZeitVG this time will not be counted to your maximum fixed-term contract period. Please file an informal application.
    Where: With your responsible personnel officer.

  • Non-married couples: Make agreements concerning custody
    There is the possibility to sign a statement regarding the custody agreements even before the child is born.
    Where: City of Goettingen, Youth Office, New Town Hall, Hiroshimaplatz 1-4, 37083 Goettingen

  • Enrolling in a child-care facility
    If you are planning to place your child in a day-care facility you should apply as early as possible. Application papers can be found here:
    - Facilities of the student services
    - All facilities in the city area
    - Reserved spots of the University of Goettingen (for University employees)

  • Medical certificate of the expected due date
    You will need this certificate for your application for maternity benefit with your healthcare provider or the Federal Social Insurance Authority, as well as for presentation at the human resource department. They will assess the period of time for your maternity protection according to the certificate.
    When: At the earliest 7 weeks before the expected due date.
    Wo: At your Ob-Gyn's office.

  • Filing a request for maternity benefits
    Information regarding maternity benefits/subsidies to maternity benefits can found here:
    Where:Those covered by compulsory insurance may contact their healthcare provider. All others may contact the Federal Social Insurance Authority.

  • Registering your child
    You are required to register your child within the first week. The midwife or the clinic may take care of this for you. For registration you will need: The clinic's statement about the birth of your child, as well as a statement on the first and family name, your pregnancy record book. Married couples must bring their family register or their marriage certificate; non-married couples must provide the mother's and the father's birth certificate, as well as a written acknowledgement of paternity.
    Where: Registry Office Goettingen, New Town Hall, Hiroshimaplatz 1-4, 37083 Goettingen
    If the clinic registers your child the birth certificate will usually be handed out to you on site. In case of a home or ambulant birth the birth certificate will be send to you via mail.

  • Single parents: Clarifying financial support claims
    As a single parent you have the right to claim child support, as well as financial support for the time you take off in order to care for your child. Child support is calculated according to the Düsseldorf table while your financial support is made up out of 3/7 of the distributable income of both parents.
    If the other parent is unable to provide financial support you can apply for an advance support payment.
    When: Immediately after birth.
    Where: New Town Hall, Guardianship/Advance Child Support Office, Hiroshimaplatz 1-4, 37083 Goettingen.
    The amount of child support will calculated for you there free of cost. You can also request an advance payment at this office. The financial support for the time you take off work can be calculated and claimed by a lawyer for family law.

  • Applying for parental allowance
    At the latest three months after giving birth.
    Wo:New Town Hall, Parental Allowance Office, Hiroshimaplatz 1-4, 37083 Goettingen.

  • Applying for child benefit
    Immediately after birth.
    Where: University employees may contact contact the University's Family Benefits Department (Goßlerstr. 5-7)
    Students and doctorate students without a contract may contact the Federal Employment Agency

  • Family insurance
    If you are the insured employee your child will be admitted to the family insurance. If you yourself are still insured in your parents' family insurance your child can also be admitted into its grandparents' family insurance. This should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

  • If desired: Applying for parental leave
    At the latest 7 weeks before the beginning of your parental leave. If you are beginning your parental leave immediately after the end of the maternity protection time you should apply 8 weeks in advance. If you do not adhere to the deadline of 7 weeks in advance your parental leave will begin accordingly later. Those taking a parental leave may work in a part-time position with up to 30h/week; income will be taken into account when calculating the parental benefit.
    Where: With your personnel officer. The application form can be found here.

  • Applying for housing allowance
    Since another person has been added to your household you may now qualify for a housing allowance. You can find websites to calculate your housing allowance free of charge with which you can estimate your claim. The application form as well as the housing allowance office's opening hours can be found here.

  • Social counseling for students
    Besides general social counseling the student services' social office also offers information on student financing and housing.
    Where: Social office of the student services, central dining hall/level 1.

    Update: 05/2015