Illness/Absence from a Course

If the module description requires proof of regular and active participation, you are required to be present at the start of your course (modern languages, general transferable skills, ZESS IT, varsity sports and SNIC). If you do not show up to the first session of your course, you will be automatically deregistered from the course by ZESS (see examination regulations of the ZESS; Section 5(5)). If there is an important reason (sudden events beyond your control) for the absence, you may excuse yourself from the course using the form in the right-hand column/below. Please note that an absence will be recorded despite submission of the form if you fail to include a doctor’s note/medical certificate (however, you will not be deregistered from the course)

Absence Without Notice:
Students who are absent for more than 60 minutes of the first class session without notice and without providing an important reason will be deregistered from the course by ZESS in FlexNow and will receive the lowest priority in the next course lottery.

Continued Participation:
If you would like to attend a class despite being absent at the beginning of the course, you must give notice of your absence, including your reason for the absence, at least three hours before the start of the first lesson. Please only use the corresponding form in the column on the right/below to submit your notice. In this case you will not be deregistered from the course. However, you will receive an absence for every teaching unit you missed. Failure to submit the form on time or an excuse addressed to other people will not be accepted as sufficient notice and will result in your deregistration. For exceptions, please see “Exceptions (Medical Certificate)” below.

Exceptions (Medical Certificate):
In exceptional cases (sudden illness, accident, etc.), you will remain enrolled in the course, provided that you immediately fill out the excuse form on the right-hand side and upload a medical certificate (e.g. a doctor's acknowledgment that you are unfit to work a.k.a. “AU”) to the ZESS Office (Geschäftsstelle der Zess, Goßlerstr. 10, 37073 Göttingen). In such cases, the student will not be removed from the course. Medical certificates can, however, only be processed with the inclusion of the following particulars: Matriculation Number, Course Title, Course Number, Name of Course Instructor.

Irregular Attendance:

Students who are registered for a course in FlexNow but achieve excessive absences (excluding illness) during the course and are therefore not allowed to take the exam will receive the entry "ZESS: Not sufficiently appeared for the course" in FlexNow. This note will not appear on your transcript later.