Field work in October 2016 – February 2017
1) Sweep netting of pollinating insects for identification and further biodiversity research
2) Every plot that is researched was organized by transects to do proper insect collections. My field assistant Irham already writes down every weed species and the number of flowers in every transect
3) Dinner with other researchers and field assistants in the field house at Humus Indo starting from the left with Isabelle, Eduard, Clara, King, Azri, Irham and Andi
4) Fieldwork inside the oil palm tree with another researcher
5) Hymenoptera species on Asystasia Gangetica collecting nectar and pollen
6) The pan trap method has been tested to assess the effect of using white or yellow pans.
Laboratory work at Jambi University
7) Mounting of the collected hymenoptera species for presentation in insect boxes in order to use them in university
8) Microscopic view of a mounted Eumeninae species that was collected with a sweep net
9) Lab work with my assistants Rico and Herni. Microscopic identifications of all collected insects.
B11 photo_isabelleB09