liveSciences³ International Lecture Series

The International Lecture Series Local Solutions for Global Challenges was offered as an online key competency course, rewarded with 3 Credits, and could be recognized in various study programmes across faculties. Not only students from the University of Göttingen could join, but also students from our partner universities in Europe and Latin America were warmly welcome. Moreover, the online format enabled an easy involvement of international speakers, more precisely researchers and teachers from our partner universities.

In total, liveSciences³ could run four successful rounds of the Lecture Series between 2021 and 2023, each consisting of 7 to 10 weekly sessions. During each session, scientists from different disciplines enriched the Lecture Series with inspiring talks on their current research − addressing Global Challenges and offering Local Solutions. Students could study cross-faculty, experience a change of perspectives, and discuss fundamental sustainability questions with the speakers − an exchange of knowledge on an international and interdisciplinary level, plus an expansion of their academic network.

A successful Story in Numbers

70-100 participants per session

  • A mix of students from biology, forest sciences, and agricultural sciences
  • From the University of Göttingen and partner universities
  • Across all levels (bachelor, master, and PhD students)

Over 50 different guest speakers

  • From various disciplines within the Life Sciences network
  • From all partner universities (Göttingen, Costa Rica, Talca, Amsterdam, Aarhus, Sarajevo, Rennes) and other institutes

Among others, the following topics were covered during the four Lecture Series:

Snail bounded


  • Land-use change, fragmentation & connectivity for wildlife conservation;
  • Biodiversity hotspots under threat, the decline of farmland birds, seabird conservation;
  • The role of citizen science & environmental education.
Tree bounded


  • Forest climate, genetics & management;
  • The role of forest biodiversity, insects & soil organisms;
  • Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES);
  • Large herbivores & natural predators – their role & control.
Cow bounded


  • Sustainable agriculture (e.g., wine, palm oil), vertical farming, agroforestry;
  • Green Agribusiness, agri-environment schemes;
  • The role of insects & soil organisms;
  • Local breeding against genetic diversity loss, control of diseases;
  • Food waste, lowering our carbon footprints through food choices.

Recordings as OER on Twillo

Landscape Structure, Ungulates & Forestry

Link to the recording on Twillo

This talk by Lukas Graf (University of Helsinki, Finland) was recorded on the 27th of October 2021 as part of the second liveSciences³ Lecture Series.

Lecture Series_Winter 2022_Gleisner
Collaboration with ENLIGHT – Lecture Series on YouTube

Wine production in Chile under current environmental and sustainability challenges

Link to the recording on YouTube (48:00)

This talk by Felipe Laurie Gleisner (University of Talca, Chile) was recorded on the 14th of December 2022 in collaboration with the ENLIGHT Lecture Series.

  • Experience international and interdisciplinary exchange across the Life Sciences network;
  • Live and expand academic collaboration, establish new contacts, and identify potential research/thesis topics;
  • Location-independent learning.

  • Early planning and requests to international speakers;
  • Ensure background assistance for technical support;
  • Provide recordings for a successful reworking of the lecture contents.


Prof. Dr. Hiltraud Casper-Hehne
Head of project

Dr. Anne Sennhenn
Project Coordinator

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