IVAC Festival

From the 23rd of August to the 3rd of September 2021 „Change of Perspective“ hosted the international IVAC Festival, allowing students and teaching staff from Göttingen and our international partner universities to participate in numerous disciplinary and transdisciplinary events and take part in social activities.

In the spirit of international virtual academic collaboration, the IVAC Festival was designed as a virtual/hybrid event. It included formats such as keynotes, workshops or panel sessions, which focussed on issues of global learning and teaching and emphasised the integration of an intercultural perspective. The individual projects that shape “Change of Perspective” offered a variety of workshops, where participating students had the chance to learn more about discipline-specific and transversal topics while encountering the diverse viewpoints of their international peers. Moreover, we presented learning experiences and ‘lessons learned’ from international virtual courses across the projects and jointly reflected on the implementation and up-scaling of Virtual Exchange (VE) Scenarios.

The IVAC Festival also allowed students and teaching staff to get to know each other and enjoy informal activities together. A social programme, featuring e.g. music performance, complemented the virtual academic exchange.

Review the festival and find out about events you may have missed. For this purpose, we provide you with presentations and workshop materials from various events on this page. In addition, the most important highlights from the keynotes by Betty Leask and Elisa Bruhn-Zass as well as from the introductory session and the concluding panel discussion have been captured in graphic recordings. You are also welcome to watch (again) the Pecha Kucha presentations of our IVAC projects.

Welcome and Introduction to the IVAC Festival

Introduction to the IVAC initiatives of the University of Göttingen

Virtual Internationalisation: From a Niche to the Mainstream

Decolonising the Curriculum and Cognitive Justice – Whose Knowledge counts and why?

Preparing to "build back better" – Virtual Exchange and Internationalisation at Home after Covid-19