Knowledge and Cognition

In Knowledge and Cognition, students learn to engage with information, knowledge and cognitive problems in a constructive manner. The training courses in this subject area introduce participants to methods that enable them to recognize, acknowledge and make use of one's own unique cognitive potential. Students start off by developing ideas and generating knowledge by acquiring and retaining facts, and later learn how to transform, transfer, retrieve and utilize their knowledge, even while interacting with other parties.
In this course, we offer the following training modules:

  • Integrating Thought and Action
  • Learning Strategies
  • Techniques to Unleash Creativity
  • Problem-Solving Strategies and Building Self-Awareness (using methods from improvisational theatre)
  • Knowing Correctly - Finding, Evaluating and Editing Information

Self-awareness refers to the ability and willingness to accurately determine and evaluate the scope of one's own potential to act upon something, as well as that of one's peers, and to independently and appropriately realise this potential. Self-awareness is a significant quality that enables us to engage in meaningful self-reflection and adapt our behaviour accordingly. Lastly, it places us in the position to mould our personality and develop our potential for action, ultimately in order to consolidate and integrate this into a social structure, where it can be further molded and developed.
ZESS thus offers the following training courses:

  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Personality, Self-awareness and Assessing Others
  • Crisis and Conflict Management
  • Work-Learn-Life-Balance
  • Acting Responsibly
  • Time Management for Budding Teachers
  • Perspective Change: Studying with Physical Disabilities - 'A Day in a Wheelchair'
  • Values and Ethics in the Professional Sphere
  • Using Motivation to Achieve Success