Labour and Capital in Modern India

The thematic cluster 'Labour and Capital in Modern India' examines processes of socio-economic transformation from an interdisciplinary perspective. Changing patterns of capital accumulation with regard to industrial production and services, agriculture, finance and property, the modalities of the 'global' incorporation of the Indian economy as well as the formation and reconstruction of regulatory regimes are within the scope of the cluster. In this context, particular emphasis is given to issues of employment and work organization, industrial relations and labour law, skill development and patterns of labour migration.

In this cluster, the majority of scholars are from the disciplines history, sociology, anthropology, and relgious studies. Interdisciplinary conferences like "Revisiting the Working Class Neighbourhood in Modern South Asia" (2014) or "Informal and Everyday Markets" (2014), a joint event with the Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien serve as means of vivid interdisciplinary exchange. This cluster will be represented within MICAS-MP in the interdisciplinary sub-project "Work as a Political Category."