Marketing Pitch to Gain Volunteer Drivers for Göttinger Tafel e.V.

Volunteer and Earn a Certificate

ZESS (Central Institute for Language and Transferable Skills) students were able to realise a project concept for the Göttinger Tafel as part of their certificate programme, Project Management (led by Alexander Moritz) : the search for volunteer drivers to pick up groceries.

Within six weeks, the five students wrote newspaper articles, including one for the TagesSatz, as well as organised an information stand at the Zentralmensa (central canteen) where they gave out flyers and filmed a short video (viewable on our homepage) to be shown at the campus cinema. There were, however, a few ideas that could not be conceptualised, e.g. a cooperation with a car rental company. The students had hoped that the student drivers could earn credits through their service and, upon reaching a certain amount of credits, could rent out a car free of charge.

The students also thought of searching for volunteers amongst the "customers" of the Göttinger Tafel. This idea was indeed successful as not one but two reliable drivers were found within just a few days. One other young "customer" has been driving for us around the state since March 2015.

All in all, the collaboration was a success. The group was brimming with ideas and we too felt that they were truly enthusiastic about the project. There are now enough volunteer drivers for the time being.